BAC Mono Production Car Lap Record at Zolder Circuit, Belgium

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has once again made history, as its Mono supercar has become the fastest-ever production car to lap the famous Zolder Circuit in Belgium.

The world-famous single-seater and ultimate piece of sporting equipment set a truly breath-taking lap time of 1:38.12 seconds to completely blow its competition out of the water ? smashing the previous best record by over a tenth of a second.

In the hands of Belgian TV station FLEET with driver Jeffrey van Hooydonk in the cockpit, Mono surged around the 4km circuit and perfectly demonstrated the exemplary level power and precision that?s made it a track hero worldwide.

Mono took to Zolder with the McLaren 650S?s impressive time of 1:38.23 to beat, but it didn?t blink and romped home with time to spare. A truly remarkable achievement.

What makes Mono?s achievement even more impressive is that it was set in damp conditions at Zolder ? highlighting the frightening potential of the single-seater supercar.