BAC Wins Prestigious Design & Innovation Award at NAA Awards 2019


Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is celebrating a major triumph at the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards 2019, winning the prestigious Design & Innovation category thanks to the revolutionary BAC Mono R.  

The Design & Innovation winner is said to ‘demonstrate an outstanding vision for design and provide unique, innovative solutions’ – and the NAA Awards judges deemed BAC to have particularly excelled over seven talented shortlisted companies.  

Launched in July 2019, Mono R serves as The New Reference in the automotive industry – the very pinnacle of design, engineering and innovation – and claims a number of world-firsts and records that make it a truly groundbreaking supercar.  

It’s the first production car in the world to use graphene-enhanced carbon fibre in every body panel off the back of a successful APC-funded R&D project alongside Pentaxia and Haydale.  

Elsewhere, R’s 340bhp engine claims the highest normally aspirated specific output of all time for a road-legal model, delivering 136bhp per litre.  

NAA Awards judges recognised just how revolutionary a product BAC have created in Mono R and commented that it bodes well for an incredibly bright future for the company.  

BAC co-founder and Director of Product Development Neill Briggs said: “To land one of the most prestigious awards of the NAA is a real honour – it’s the big fish we were really hoping to reel in on the night. We’ve put design and innovation at the very heart of our business since its inception, and being officially recognised for the outstanding work the BAC team has done is a wonderful feeling. Mono R is a truly groundbreaking product that’s emerged as the pinnacle of the industry for design and innovation – it won’t be long before it’s doing the same for performance. Special thanks to our fans around the globe; this one is for you!”

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