BAC Mono Isle of Man Experience: 10-Page Feature in CAR Magazine Launched


By Harry Leahey  

The February 2019 edition of CAR Magazine has now launched around the world, complete with a stunning, 10-page feature of the BAC Mono on the Isle of Man titled: Mono Unchained.  

Briggs Automotive Company invited renowned motor journalist Ben Oliver to the island as part of its revered Experience tours, letting him loose on unrestricted roads and the track in the world’s only single-seater, road-legal supercar.  

Follow the link at the bottom of this article to read all 10 pages in PDF format, or pick up a copy of the magazine in any good newsagent.  

The feature isn’t one to be missed, with in-depth analysis on the driving purity of Mono, how the Isle of Man is the perfect setting for extreme sports and also a certain brush with the local police!  

As you’d expect, Oliver was blown away by the potential of Mono, concluding that the car’s exuberant personality makes even the most exotic supercars seem uninspiring by comparison: “The Mono is there for days when the Ferrari feels a bit too quiet, too soft, too tame, too dull. And if it doesn’t feel that way now, it will after the Mono.”    

As well as pushing the car as far as his confidence would allow, Oliver also tested the Mono’s tamer side by cruising around some of the islands idyllic villages. Praising the car’s versatility, Oliver said: “It’s surprisingly easy to trickle the Mono around town, once you loosen up the shoulder straps and sit upright in the cockpit.”  

BAC’s Isle of Man Experience is all about customers and like-minded individuals coming together to sample the brilliance of Mono and enjoy the car the way it was made to be enjoyed in the most stunning of locations.  

Oliver was one of seven taking in the unrivalled delights of Mono, and he was quick to label it “an extraordinarily capable road car” that’s “unlike anything else I’ve driven”. Read the article below or in CAR Magazine for more.


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