Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Gives Two Students Their Dream Apprenticeship at the Home of the Mono Supercar


Two talented students from Riverside College have officially started their life-changing apprenticeship schemes at Briggs Automotive Company (BAC).  

The creator of the one-of-a-kind Mono supercar is always looking for ways to give back to the local community, and its first-ever apprenticeship scheme further demonstrates its devotion to the region.  

After a gruelling recruitment process in which the two selected apprentices – Jamie Sillifant and Tom Tunstall – had to see off the competition of two other talented finalists, work got under way at BAC HQ on Monday 27 March.  

One of the apprentices will now specialise in bodywork, while the other will work on sub-assembly and chassis dress and play a big part in BAC’s worldwide success going forward.  

Both will receive the very best training in the business from BAC’s talented staff and will learn what it takes to work in the most exciting automotive team in the world.  

BAC’s new recruits are part of a wider expansion programme for the company, which is on the lookout for more skilled and hungry staff to cater to its ever-growing and demanding fan base.  

Rainer Kühlwein, BAC’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, said: “We are delighted to welcome Jamie and Tom to BAC and hope they’re already enjoying the experience of working with the Mono. Both guys showed they had what it takes to be part of BAC’s exciting future in the recruitment process and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what they can do during their time with us. The two younger heads complement our seasoned professionals perfectly – our staff who have decades in the motorsport and production car industries. Going back to grass roots will allow us to bring the next wave of talent through.”  

BAC Co-Founder and Design Director, Ian Briggs, added: “As Neill and I were born and raised in Liverpool, we are very proud of our Liverpool roots and more than happy to continue giving back to the community with such schemes. It’s a very exciting time for Briggs Automotive Company, and Jamie and Tom will be lucky enough to witness it all. We would have relished such an opportunity as youngsters starting out in the automotive world, and we recognise just how important apprentices are to Britain.”