Day 2 @Carfestevent Crickey!!
You'll be needing some amazing cars to review then one would imagine ;-) @JeremyClarkson @AmazonVideoUK #BAC #Mono #2016MY even faster!
Indeed, look forward to seeing it when it's finished #monofans…
RT @mynameisdomii: @oliverjameswebb @nickmasondrums @DiscoverMono @Carfestevent @Oulton_Park πŸ‘Œ love th#JB17B17 on helmet!!! β€πŸ™πŸ˜’ Respect! πŸ‘
Make sure you come and see us @Carfestevent in the Supercar group Saturday and Sunday
RT @oliverjameswebb: You just try and keep up @nickmasondrums πŸ
So whose coming to @Carfestevent NORTH @Oulton_Park ? Lots of donuts from @oliverjameswebb planned #monofans
Thanks @MerseyFire for popping in today for our annual safety check. How about a fast action response vehicle lads?
Thanks guys - great on track action…