RT @oliverjameswebb: Good days testing with the team. 2015 will be an epic year pic.twitter.com/pAqPlfOgtu
Fascinating presentation by @carlbass @autodesk #D3DLive privileged & proud to be working with you guys #BAC #Mono pic.twitter.com/7jAOqku8qc
RT @MPetrikas: Trying hard to listen and not to stare @DiscoverMono. Porn. #D3DLive
RT @robcohee: @ProphetPVD @jimbyrne7777 behind the scenes working on the next @InventorTips workflow demos with @DiscoverMono pic.twitter.com/TJ9XRZcmtg
@LenosGaragege: An international sex symbol. *The white BAC Mono. #JLG pic.twitter.com/g8976beoxwbe#MadeinLiverpoolverpool
RT @LenosGarage: Human: We need you to go really fast. BAC Mono: Yeah, I can do that #JLG youtu.be/qPKl7pu8vwU pic.twitter.com/7ZTOPhKt28
RT @LenosGarage: It’s street legal… we swe#JLG#pic.twitter.com/ZF6Tc3IrasIras
RT @LenosGarage: #JLG life tip: When you don’t want to drive your friends home, take th@DiscoverMononopic.twitter.com/pT885Xo6rUrU
@kingcozzieie: BAC Mon#Snapographyhy@DRIVECLUBUB#DRIVECLUBUB@DiscoverMononpic.twitter.com/V9AHxpNaQqQq” Stunning visuals, thanks for sharing
@LenosGaragege: “Tell those boys in England to keep up the good wor#JLG@DiscoverMonoeyoutu.be/qPKl7pu8vwUiV8kEG” Means alot guys thanks much