Huge thanks tonight to @Dunnery on "The best concert ever" a total musical genius & an incredibly entertaining bloke. Thanks mate #monofans
RT @Dunnery: Chester House Concert with Neil was immense. What an amazing place he lives in. I thought i had arrived at Princess Annes Hous…
RT @Sector111: Here's another photo from our recent trip to BAC Mono in Liverpool, UK. What color body would you get?
. @JCartu Nothing. Especially not the 2 hour drive & conversation at 300kph ;-) #anotheroneforthebook #monofans
Hey @luizrazia how are you mate? Are you gonna be @InterlagosTrack next weekend for the #Brazil #F1 We are presenting #BAC #Mono there ;-)
A pleasure as always seeing Ian Walford @weratoolsuk at the factory today supporting our on-going #mfg requirements #monofans
Great seeing David Hilton @MOTORCITYEUROPE at today's International Tyre Conference. A great friend, professional & supporter of #BAC #Mono
. @deadmau5 @oliverjameswebb @JCartu @mbmcrae @aglwest sounds like the inaugural round of @projectcarsgame #Mono Cup is in order gents ;-)