@aglwestst@mrvodo@DiscoverMonon@GoodwoodMCMC Mclaren 650S with their test driver behind the wheel#Monono faster in corners & braking‚ÄĚ :-))
Text FIRST to 70333 to give £5 to "Children of the Commonwealth Fund" Let's put children first, thanks all#monofanss
Incredible array & diversity of cultures @thecgf opening ceremony. IF only all the countries accepted UK IVA homologation regulations!
Our first set of optional carbon ceramic brakes have arrived today and ready for fitment to @JCartu #BAC #Mono pic.twitter.com/4hpsBEoJkE
@getitdealtlt@DiscoverMonono fantasti#factoryry tou#f1realiseded on the road#trackdayay anyone? Thanks Iapic.twitter.com/irDeiwJeu9u9‚ÄĚ Pleasure!
Great working with @TimHansford @ifb2014 on our stand design, implementation, construction and take down. An absolute pleasure & top service
Excellent on board footage of @aglwest @GoodwoodMC in his #BAC #Mono destroying all comers youtube.com/watch?v=rDrySA… #NeedsomeMonoraceclothing
RT @aglwest: Well used after a great day at goodwood. Amazing around the track @DiscoverMono @SuperVettura pic.twitter.com/pX2Bwv5Ci6
RT @aglwest: great write up in Financial Times on @DiscoverMono ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/3…
Thanks to everyone @ifb2014 @itsliverpool @joeforliverpool for a brilliant 6 weeks. See you again in 2016 #BAC #Mono pic.twitter.com/aVvhzwvzxf