Wheels up, Heathrow off to @autodesk @AutodeskPLM360 #accelerate2015 conference in Boston with @pushkar1492 @mikewatkinsweb
RT @oliverjameswebb: P4. Happy with that considering a new team mate and tough conditions. Great job by the team pic.twitter.com/shzfiO53oQ
Fantastic food @etalialiverpool on route to @OfficialRandL and back stage party fun with our main man @deadmau5 pic.twitter.com/ItAEt6gGJa
RT @BACMono5: Both hands on the wheel son! :-) No hamming for the photographer! @DiscoverMono #bacmono @BACMonoXCo pic.twitter.com/sTaHBpylPs
RT @BACMono5: @DiscoverMono @ThunderhillPark Droids Aug 27 2015. 95f degrees, whew! youtu.be/Ebyai-wNKDk
RT @PaulGarlick: @DiscoverMono Had a great day, what a car, what a team. An absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me.
Great day talking #BAC & all things #Mono (plus a bit more) with @PaulGarlick come again soon #monofans